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Efter drygt två år av bloggande på thatsmystory och har jag beslutat mig för att gå vidare. Dels för att det har krånglat en del på när jag har bloggat från mobilen och för att jag är sugen på något nytt! Mitt namn var taget (av en person som jag brukade känna, vilket är tråkigt!) så det fick bli ett nytt! Så jag ville bara berätta att i framtiden hittar ni mig på under namnet starsandstripes! Hoppas ni vill fortsätta följa min resa där! 
I'm switching to a new blogportal and changing my name. You can find me on See you there!


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Snapshots from the city 
As I mentioned earlier I went to the city this Tuesday to meet up with a new friend. I took the train from Glen Ridge to Penn Station. It went really smooth and took me about 40 minutes to get there. When I stepped out of the station,  and looked up and around I went "waoow" in my mind. There I was, standing alone surrounded by all these people and all the tall buildings. I felt so small and lost but at the same time it felt so natural! I walked up the streets and made my way through 6th and 5th avenue. I couldn't resist to stop by some of the stores. It's just crazy. They have so much more to offer here compared to Sweden. I'm gonna go nuts. Maybe I should bring a friend next time so I don't end up buying the entire stores ;) But I actually contained myself this time so maybe there's hope. 
I went to meet Ella at her school which is situated on 42st and 5th. It was her birthday but she and all of her close friends was still feeling sick so we just grabbed a coffee, her and me, at Starbucks and sat there talking for a while. It was super nice I really enjoyed hanging out with her. So hopefully there's gonna be more of that! 
After we finished our coffe (I actually tried a latte macchiato with soy and coconut milk) she showed me the grand central seen on the picture above. It was so pretty! I'm gonna go back to take some more pictures of the inside. And next to the grand central you can see one of my favorite buildings in the world; Chrysler building! I was so surprised when I looked up and saw it for the first time. I didn't remember which street it was situated on. That was a moment of pure happiness. I can't believe I'm actually living an everyday life with an awsome family less than an hour away from this magical city! I can't wait to go back in the daylight and when it's warm outside just to walk around and soak in the atmosphere! I'm really excited about visiting lower Manhattan and Brooklyn! I want to stroll around outside of the beautiful houses on west village and visit the stores in SoHo! 


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Chiapudding and overnight-oats with fruits and orangejuice
I try to keep a bowl of chiapudding and one bowl of overnight-oats in the fridge. It makes it easy in the morning when I'm in a rush with the kids or I don't wanna be in the way. I tried it with the kids but they didn't seem to like it...they prefer their porridge warm. But they did like my banana pancakes, well Annie did, Sonny only played with it...I made them some yesterday. 
My schedule is differs from day to day but it's usually the same. I start to work at 7.30 am so I get dressed and ready before that. Annie has woken me up two times. So cute, she knocks on the door very carefully, I can bearly hear it. On Saturday she brought me a drawing. She's so precious. And then we get downstairs to get the kids breakfast and make their lunchboxes. Sonny only goes to pre-school on Mondays and Fridays. So when he's not there he goes with his papa to the gym. When I get home from the drop-off I have about half an hour to clean up and finish some house choors. Then I'm off for three hours til it's time to pick them up again. So my next shift is from 12.30 to 5.30 pm. We usually have dinner around 5.30 so it's nice to get off your shift full. 
I'm going to the city tonight to celebrate a new friend. So I'll have to shower now and get ready so I can take of when I'm off work. I need to get lunch before I pick them up to...wish me luck! ;)